About Us

Iyda Payments is one of India's most trusted rural neo banking platforms. IYDA Payments is a frontend delivery platform and a flawless rural distribution route maintained by IYDA Private Limited, with over 2.5 lakh retail touchpoints. IYDA is a Fintech company located in India that focuses on financial inclusion and last-mile delivery. In a very short period, we have accomplished major achievements, over 10 lakh individuals are using our administration every day. Our best-in-class and most skilled resources have extensive expertise in establishing distribution networks, particularly in India. In India, we can swiftly discover and activate your agent services. Our sales staff will swiftly locate agents in mandated territories, do due diligence, and collaborate with customers to activate them and begin service and project operations. The team will also keep an eye on the agent until he reaches a level of stable operation. The group focuses on gaining a comprehensive grasp of the payment and transaction technology space. The founder of Iyda Payments, Deepak Kumar is a native of Bihar and he has always understood the need for digital services in the rural areas, as he has faced such issues. He believes that one of the most important aspects of India’s digital transformation is to start thinking differently because transforming our mindset is the initial stage which will help you in accepting the transformation.